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More Chaos Surrounding The Dailies & The Emerging New News Models…

It’s been a very interesting past few weeks with a bunch of stories relating to the death of older news and journalism models (daily newspapers) and the emerging models that hope to replace the dailies. Below are a few of the stories that have caught my attention… • On the old model front, Gannett has [...]

Why Use Video When A Photo Will Do?

( Media )

While the abuse that traditional media receives on a daily basis (i.e., it’s dying, they’re dinosaurs, they don’t get it, they’re clueless, etc.) is probably excessive, exaggerated, and in some cases even unfair, there is little doubt that much of it is accurate and well deserved. Examples of the missteps both large and small that [...]

The Subduction Zone Put To Music

The tectonic shifts transforming the media and advertising landscape have always been fascintaing to me a stand as one of the central areas of focus of this blog. And while the earthquakes and volcanos along the fault lines are worthy of the headlines they grab, I am equally intrigued by the smaller events and more [...]

San Francisco Enters The Fray

In December of 2007, I made some predictions for 2008, one of which centered around a major metro market in the U.S. losing its daily newspaper altogether. While the timing may have been a little early, there is little doubt that it will come true in 2009. The only question that remains is which city [...]

Where Do Americans Get Their News?

The most recent biennial news consumption survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press confirms that the web contiues to displace traditional media as the primary source of news for most Americans. A Research Brief from the Center for Media Research not only provides an excellent snapshot of the 4 distinct [...]

The Rise Of Multimedia Or Why I Get My Ass Kicked Playing Call of Duty 4 on XBox Live

It seems that more and more stories are popping up about the value of multimedia, multi-channel advertising strategies. The most recent was a study by Integrated Media Measurement which found, not surprisingly given both the source and the topic being studied, that advertising on more than one media platform increased the effectiveness of the campaign [...]