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November Jobs Data By Industry From LinkUp.com

In addition to providing a snapshot of the labor market by state, we are also able to analyze the data by industry. Not every job fits easily into one of the categories, so the table below lists fewer jobs than the data by state, but the picture is just as grim. (LinkUp publishes job openings [...]

November Jobs Data By State From LinkUp.com

After fixing two significant problems with our data (normalizing the data to account for a constantly growing database of companies and not counting duplicate jobs that companies re-post to their corporate web site every day with new URLs), we have finally generated an accurate, insightful report that provides a completely unique snapshot of the U.S. [...]

LinkUp Wins In A Landslide On KillerStartUps.com

Last Friday, KillerStartups.com featured LinkUp in its daily poll (the site asks readers to vote on which of the selected startups will become the next ‘killer’ site on the web). The results made the Obama landslide look more like a razor-thin, legally-mandated-recount Minnesota Senate race with LinkUp annihilating the rest of the field. Thanks to [...]

Your Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated…

Killer Startups is a site that publishes summaries of startup ideas and has users vote on the one that they think will be the ‘killer’ of the bunch. We submitted LinkUp a while ago and they have included it in today’s group. If you are so inclined, please take 5-10 seconds to go the page [...]

LinkUp’s October Jobs Report Explained…

Last week, we released the jobs report for October from LinkUp.com which showed that both new jobs and total jobs on the site rose by roughly 300,000 from September. (LinkUp aggregates and publishes jobs pulled directly from nearly 10,000 company web sites). Given the fact that the jobs are real and current (updated daily) and [...]

LinkUp Report Shows Job Growth In October

The October jobs report is scheduled to be released tomorrow morning, but if the data generated from LinkUp.com is any indicator, the numbers may not be as bad as economists predict. LinkUp aggregates and publishes job listings directly from company web sites themselves. The September and October jobs data includes job listings from 9,753 companies [...]

September Job Growth On LinkUp Spans Almost Every Vertical

As reported last week, September’s results for LinkUp.com run highly contrary to the dismal job market indicated by the recent data from the Department of Labor. LinkUp, which aggregates and publishes only jobs pulled directly from company web sites, showed a substantial gain in both new and total jobs listed. Despite the fact that the [...]

LinkUp Releases New Jobs Widget – Win A Free DVD!

LinkUp, arguably the best national jobs site on the web today, has released a widget that allows any blogger (or any site for that matter) to publish jobs on their blog or web site. The widget is available here, and can be customized to publish only those jobs that the hosting site wants to publish [...]

3 Job Categories Show Impressive Job Growth In August

One of the recent changes we have made in examining LinkUp jobs classifieds data is to report the number of new and total jobs listed on the site by job category and compare them to the previous month. As the chart below indicates, the 3 categories that showed the largest gains in August were Education [...]

U.S. Employment Picture Continued To Worsen In August

August employment figures are not scheduled to be released until Friday morning, but if LinkUp data provides any type of early indicator, the nation’s employment picture continued to worsen in August. The number of total job openings posted on corporate web sites dropped 3% from July, while the total number of new openings posted showed [...]