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May Jobs Report From LinkUp Shows That Economic Recovery Is Tepid At Best

Similar to the way they were prior to last month’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the optimists are out in full force this week, and perhaps for good reason. The ADP report was released today, showing that private employers added 55,000 jobs in May. The Monster Index, also released today, rose [...]

Healthcare And Hospitality Sectors Show Job Growth In May; Technology Sector Sees Continued Weakness

Consistent with LinkUp state by state job listing report for May released yesterday, the job search engine’s report of new and total job listings by industry for May provides further proof that the job market is showing signs of life. While new job listings on LinkUp fell 8% to 425,783, the decline was a massive [...]

LinkUp’s May Jobs Report Shows Signs Of Improvement

The Department of Labor report for May will be released this Friday, and if LinkUp’s data is any indication, the jobs market is showing clear signs of improving. Granted, the numbers are still quite bleak, but they are a far cry from the abysmal numbers LinkUp reported in April. In May, new job listings on [...]