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LinkUp’s October Job Report Shows Slight Signs of An Improving Job Market In U.S.

Last Friday, the Department of Labor issued its monthly jobs report for October and reported that the U.S. economy lost another 190,000 jobs in October (a number that will certainly be revised up or down in future months). October’s losses represent the 22nd straight month of monthly job losses, and unemployment rose from 9.8% to [...]

LinkUp Reports Grim Jobs Data For September

Not surprisingly given the grim jobs report issued earlier today by the Department of Labor, LinkUp’s September jobs report showed that the U.S. jobs market continues to struggle badly. New job listings on LinkUp fell by 14% during the month and total job listings dropped by 7%. On a state by state basis, 38 of [...]

More Encouraging Jobs Data From LinkUp

The Department of Labor released its jobs report for August last Friday,  and despite the fact that 216,000 more jobs were lost and unemployment rose to 9.7% (a 26-year high), the monthly job losses were the smallest of any month this year. The fact that we’re celebrating what would normally be considered abysmal job losses [...]

LinkUp’s May Jobs Report Shows Signs Of Improvement

The Department of Labor report for May will be released this Friday, and if LinkUp’s data is any indication, the jobs market is showing clear signs of improving. Granted, the numbers are still quite bleak, but they are a far cry from the abysmal numbers LinkUp reported in April. In May, new job listings on [...]