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Reason #1,368 On Why Monster Sucks For Job Seekers

Look For A Very Positive January 2010 Jobs Report Friday

January’s jobs report from the Department of Labor is scheduled to be released later this week and based on data released this morning by LinkUp, Friday’s report will show that the job market improved sharply during the month. LinkUp, a job search engine that indexes jobs from over 20,000 company websites throughout the U.S., reported [...]

Beware of Money Mule Job Listings On Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed, And Simplyhired

Yesterday, G.L. and I were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in a Careerealism webinar for job seekers organized by career advice expert J.T. O’Donnell. During the discussion about how to effectively use online resources in a job search, we mentioned the risks associated with traditional pay-to-post job sites such as Monster and [...]

December Jobs Report Will Be Far Worse Than Expected

The Department of Labor will release its jobs report for December tomorrow, and the data will undoubtedly show that the economy is a long way from healthy recovery mode. Economists are expecting that the U.S. economy actually added jobs during the month, marking the first monthly job gains since December of 2007. The Conference Board’s [...]

Harrison Barnes and Hound.com – The Scourge Of The Job Board Industry

Finally there’s another voice from within the job board industry to add to the tirade against Hound.com. Congratulations to Chris Russell for calling out Hound for being one of, if not THE, worst, most fraudulent job boards in the industry. This company is not only the spam king of job boards, it’s a gigantic scam [...]

A Good Case For Rethinking Your Thinking…

Marty Brack, in a recent ERE post, provides an excellent case study in rethinking traditional methods of recruitment advertising. In the test, he analyzed the cost per quality resume using both Careerbuilder and LinkedIn. Not surprisingly, given how horrendously Careerbuilder and Monster (the 2 most bloated, polluted, antiquated, pay-to-post behemoths) typically perform for employers, LinkedIn [...]

The Bastardized Math Behind The U.S. Unemployment Rate Calculations & Why Monster Should Be Embarrassed About Their Invitation To The White House

Because I’ve written in the past about how bastardized the math is behind unemployment rate (seriously, read my March ’09 blog post if you’re even remotely interested in the U.S. unemployment rate) I had to laugh at the comedic, animated rendition of how the Department of Labor calculates (or fails to accurately calculate) the nation’s [...]

Don’t Yet Believe in Social Media

Gary Hayes has developed an incredible widget that demonstrates the phenomenal power and growth of social media. It’s not only fascinating to watch, but also a blunt depiction of why social media must be a vital component of anyone’s web strategy…

LinkUp’s October Job Report Shows Slight Signs of An Improving Job Market In U.S.

Last Friday, the Department of Labor issued its monthly jobs report for October and reported that the U.S. economy lost another 190,000 jobs in October (a number that will certainly be revised up or down in future months). October’s losses represent the 22nd straight month of monthly job losses, and unemployment rose from 9.8% to [...]

Almost All Industries Shed Jobs In September

Continuing last Friday’s post about LinkUp’s dour jobs report for September (in which 47 states reported a decrease from August in the total number of job listings), there is equally as discouraging news on an industry by industry basis. In September, 29 of 36 industries showed a decrease from August in both new and total [...]